Testosterone Replacement (TRT) and Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

The Relationship Between TRT and Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Men with low testosterone have an increased risk for diabetes mellitus (DM). This has been shown in many studies. This is in part due to decreased insulin sensitivity. What does the relationship between TRT and type II diabetes mellitus mean exactly?  Insulin sensitivity essentially means how well, or sensitive, your body reacts to insulin.  Insulin is […]

Am I going to have a heart attack or stroke?

Reducing Cardiovascular Risks: TRT and Blood Clots Debunked

This is an age-old question that is very frequently postulated when one brings up the notion of initiating testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT for short. Where did this come from? Well, it comes from a study done decades in the past that has been essentially debunked. It was a very poorly done study that did […]