What If My Testosterone Level Is “Normal?”

Man in white t-shirt with large muscles.

I hear this all too often.  Many men have gone to their provider and asked about their testosterone level. I hear all kinds of replies like, “You don’t need to check that,” “You’re too young,” and, “Try changing your diet and exercise and see me again in six months to a year.” 

Here’s the thing: there is a huge difference between “normal” and “optimal.” Testosterone labs have a reference range anywhere from 150-950. This is a huge range. People generally do not feel well under 500, in my experience. Optimal levels are closer to 800 or 900. In addition, there is a more important lab to review: free testosterone. 

The difference between total testosterone and free testosterone is extremely important to understand. Your total testosterone is pretty easy to understand. It is simply how much testosterone you have. Your free testosterone, however, is more important because there are hormones and proteins that bind to testosterone leaving it unavailable. If something is bound to your testosterone, it is now unavailable and unable to go into its receptor sites. It is like a puzzle piece trying to go into the wrong spot. It is just not going to help.  

What is left over is your free, or available, testosterone. This is the stuff that gives you energy, motivation, fat loss, improved erections, improved libido, improved strength, and improved mental clarity. Many people have a “normal” testosterone level but have a low or low “normal” free testosterone level. These men are suffering from suboptimal testosterone levels.  

This is why we look at you as a whole and not just a number. We want to know your symptoms alongside your blood work. We also want to rule out any other issues that may be contributing to your symptoms. We are more than happy to start people on testosterone placement therapy (TRT) even if their total testosterone level is “normal.” Give Quali-T Men’s Health in Salem a call today or CLICK HERE to schedule your free initial visit.

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